All SFIA Individual Single Sport Research Reports Are Now Available

Final Batch of In-Depth Sports and Fitness Activity Reports Released

SILVER SPRING, MD (May 18, 2022) – The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) has released its third and final batch of 2022 Single Sport Reports. All sport-specific, in-depth research reports for sports and fitness activities are now available to the public for purchase. These reports provide a detailed analysis and breakdown of participation by various demographics by individual activity.

As reported in our 2022 Topline Participation Report, the number of active participants was the highest number reported in the last five years at 232.6 million. Since 2016, the inactivity rate has declined an average of 2.6 percent, with remarkable changes in the last two years.

“Our data showed that 6.8 million people transitioned from a sedentary lifestyle to some physical activity during COVID-19,” said Tom Cove, President & CEO, SFIA. “With the inactive population decreasing, the data suggests active lifestyles are important to Americans, and we saw that translate to outdoor sports, such as trail running, and water sports, such as kayaking and stand-up paddling – all activities deemed pandemic-friendly.”

Each report tracks participation as defined by gender, participation frequency, age, geographic region, market size area, income, education level, and cross-sport/activity participation, and new for 2022, ethnicity.

The following research reports have been released in the final batch:

Cove states, “All the research for the activities we track is now available to the public, and these reports really take a deep dive into specific participation data, which can help organizations in our industry better plan for the future.”

You can now access all 2022 SFIA Single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports for the sports and fitness activities tracked by SFIA. All reports are $99 each for SFIA Members, and $295 each for non-members.

These reports are provided free of charge to members of the media. If you are interested in a copy of any of the reports, please contact Lisa Futterman at [email protected].

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