The Sports & Fitness Industry Association has numerous Committees and Councils on various sports and subject matters to give our members an opportunity to join together to discuss common interests and issues.

SFIA convenes these Committees and Councils for member organizations and companies to address these topics in a forum, as well as work together to advance a particular sport.

Sport-specific Councils are only open to active SFIA members and are listed below:

Baseball & Softball Business Council

Works in support of the manufacturers of baseball and softball gear, uniforms, cleats, and accessories. The Baseball & Softball Business Council represent the baseball and softball industries on issues and initiatives which affect both sports.

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Football Business Council

Works to advance best practices to put forth a safer game for all who play the sport on an amateur level. The goal of the Football Business Council is to promote the growth and continued play of football at all levels in the safest and most enjoyable environment for the athlete.

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Football Glove Specification Program

The NFHS, the NCAA, and the Pop Warner youth leagues require football gloves used during game play meet certain performance standards to ensure the glove does not give any player an unfair advantage in controlling the football. 

The SFIA Football Glove Specifications sets and meets the requirements of the NFHS and NCAA.

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Government Relations Advisory Council (GRAC)

Works to advise SFIA on trade and participation policy matters. The GRAC is made up of two subcommittees working to promote industry vitality and increase sports participation.

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Lacrosse Business Council

Works to help grow and support the game of lacrosse. The Lacrosse Business Council represents lacrosse manufacturers on a variety of issues including rules and standards issues, grow the game initiatives, barriers to access, and more.

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Legal Task Force

Works to provide SFIA members with access to sporting goods and fitness legal industry experts, located across the country, who can offer legal guidance and assistance when they come across urgent legal hurdles. The members of the Legal Task Force also share information among themselves, work diligently to promote the reduction of injuries in athletic competition, and promote the appropriate use of sports protective equipment.

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Marketing & Research Committee

Promotes SFIA and its members’ interest by amplifying the association’s value, mission, and brand, and creating a forum for thought leadership on critical marketing issues facing membership and serving as a peer-to-peer network resource.

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Soccer Industry Council of America (SICA)

Works as a national coalition dedicated to promoting the growth of soccer and in support of manufacturers of soccer apparel, footwear, and equipment. Through research, meetings, and conferences, SICA provides members with constant news and issues related to the soccer industry.

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Technology & Innovation Committee

Works to support technology and innovation in the sports and fitness industry. The members of the Technology & Innovation Committee select the finalists for SFIA’s annual Start-Up Challenge, while also providing meaningful technology and innovation insights.

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US Golf Manufacturers Council (USGMC)

Works to represent golf equipment manufacturers and partners with golfs leading organizations to better the game and preserve, protect, and promote golf. The USGMC facilitates dialogue among industry and with golfs governing bodies on key issues surrounding the game.

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Volleyball Council

Works to gather volleyball manufacturers, industry coalitions, and governing bodies to discuss the current landscape of volleyball and how to grow the sport in the future.

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If you are interested in learning more about one of our Committees or have any questions, 
please contact [email protected] for more information.