Every decision starts with information. Timely, accurate business intelligence is imperative in order for members to make decisions that create the greatest impact for their customers. 

SFIA research, working in partnership with Sports Marketing Surveys USA, is the leading supplier of sports and fitness research, publishing over 100 industry reports each year on industry and product categories, helping you to understand and manage your business.

SFIA membership includes several industry-wide research reports, which are also available for sale to non-members. Additional sport-specific reports are available at member-only discounted rates.

State of the Industry

Comprehensive in-depth analysis of the trends and issues affecting the sports industry, including participation, economy, and industry environment.

Included with Membership | $650 for Non-Members


Topline Participation Report

Tracks participation in 124 sports, recreation, and fitness activities. This is the industry’s essential reference document for sports participation.

Included with Membership | $350 for Non-Members


Manufacturers’ Sales By Category Report

Industry overview giving topline wholesale market size by category, derived from industry submissions and survey data.

Included with Membership | $250 for Non-Members


State of Pickleball: Participation & Infrastructure Report


In-depth analysis of pickleball participation and facilities data, with an even more detailed and expansive overview of the fastest-growing sport in America in this first-of-its-kind report.

Discounted Rate of $150 for Members | $350 for Non-Members


Custom Pickleball Court Coverage Report


SFIA’s Partner, Pickleheads, can run a custom court coverage report for any of the 4,663 U.S. cities with at least one pickleball facility. Find out how well your city is meeting pickleball demand and get recommendations for new investment.

Rate of $99/each 


U.S. Trends In Team Sports Report

The ultimate report on the state of team sports. Team sports are part of the American landscape, and this report looks at participation and market trends within this sector of the industry.

Included with Membership | $650 for Non-Members


Tracking the Fitness Movement Report

America’s premier report giving you a closer look at specific fitness trends, in terms of participation habits, in America’s fast-moving fitness industry.

Included with Membership | $650 for Non-Members


Single Sport & Fitness Reports

Go deep into participation trends for 91 sports or activities, with detailed demographic profiles by gender, participation frequency, cross-sport participation, and ethnicity.

Discounted Rate of $100/each for Members | $300/each for Non-Members



Custom Research Reports

Need something more specific to your needs? SFIA offers custom reports tailored to your requirements. For more information, contact Alex Kerman at [email protected].

Sport Fitness Industry and the Law

Publication for the sports industry, designed to keep sports and fitness brands, suppliers, retailers, and their partners abreast of legal and risk management issues in the sports and fitness industry.

Included with Membership | Unavailable to Non-Members


COVID-19 Industry Impact Report

SFIA surveyed its membership to understand the effects the COVID-19 pandemic are having on the sports and fitness industry. The insights contained in the report are intended to provide a snapshot of key business questions, meant to assist industry stakeholders in decision making and providing new insights to consider. 

FREE for Members and Non-Members


For more information or questions regarding SFIA research, please contact Alex Kerman.

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