SFIA serves as an extension of our members, representing them where it most affects their businesses.

Whether for Congress, governing bodies, trade councils, or other organizations, SFIA produces results that can allow your business to manufacture, grow, and compete on a global stage. Our in-house lobbying efforts mean that we are fully committed to our member’s needs.

SFIA’s advocacy efforts focus on:

Promoting Physical Activity

SFIA promotes active lifestyles for better health through policies that support youth participation in sports and adult fitness. For years, trends in America have been toward more sedentary lifestyles, leading to a rise in preventable health conditions and fueling a jump in health care spending. SFIA leads the effort to increase activity by promoting policies that facilitate and encourage active lifestyles. Increased participation is key to a healthier America and industry virtality.

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International Trade

The sports and fitness industry is growing globally, and SFIA works to create the most favorable trade environment for its members by advocating for trade policies that reduce trade barriers and lower the cost of getting products to market. SFIA supports international efforts to counter the use of forced labor in the manufacturing of products.

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Targeted Tariff Relief 

SFIA has secured more than $100 million dollars in tariff relief on industry products and is pressing for additional relief via a new, more transparent Section 301 Exclusion Process for Chinese imports. Our objective is to lower or eliminate tariffs to reduce the cost of getting sporting goods and fitness products to market.

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Intellectual Property Rights

SFIA is working to strengthen and enforce intellectual property laws. A primary focus is to prevent online sales of counterfeit sports and fitness products, including licensed products, by giving the Federal Government greater authority to enforce intellectual property laws, including Phase One of the China deal.

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Product Safety

SFIA educates Federal Regulators and Congress on the improvements in sports and fitness equipment to better protect participants from injury. We work to ensure realistic requirements on the performance of equipment and the appropriate application of product safety laws. As product safety issues emerge, SFIA’s Legal Task Force may host webinars to inform members of new regulations on industry products and compliance responsibilities for manufacturers.

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For more information or questions regarding SFIA’s advocacy efforts, please contact Bill Sells.