Product Safety

SFIA monitors CPSC, FTC, and Congress for actions impacting sports and fitness equipment to keep the industry informed on any concerns.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) responds to consumer concerns on sporting goods and fitness equipment products and reviews performance to ensure products meet all standards and do not pose a risk of injury. Fines can be assessed and products can be removed from the stream of commerce if found to be in violation of CPSC rules. The CPSC has levied significant fines on manufacturers of fitness equipment found to pose an injury risk to consumers.

Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors marketing and advertising claims on product performance and outcomes to verify accuracy. The FTC can impose significant fines for misleading product claims.

Congressional Legislation

SFIA successfully fought back against Congressional efforts to regulate sports equipment through the Children’s Sports Athletic Equipment Safety Act. The effort to create new mandatory standards for youth helmets failed, but the issue remains a topic in Washington, D.C., and in the states. States have sought to ban youth tackle football and non-wooden bats to protect youth athletes from injury. SFIA works with youth sports interests to block these efforts and find less drastic ways to improve player safety and address injury concerns.

SFIA’s Legal Task Force may host webinars as product safety issues emerge to inform members of new federal and state regulations targeting industry products and compliance responsibilities for manufacturers.

For more information or questions regarding SFIA’s product safety efforts, please contact Bill Sells.