2023 Team Sports Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2023 Team Sports Conference, hosted by SFIA, NFHS, and the NCAA by Credova, on October 25-26, 2022 in Chicago!

Save the Date for the 2024 Team Sports Rules Conference, taking place on April 15-16, 2024 at the Alexander Hotel in Indy!

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State of high school sports

High school sports are being challenged by significant cultural, societal, and technological issues. Some of these include the importance of participation, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), student mental and physical wellness, the shortage of sports officials, social media, name image likeness (NIL), and bad fan behavior at athletic events. Hear from NFHS on how the organization is handling all these current challenges facing high school sports.

Karissa Niehoff

CEO, National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)


Transforming NCAA Athletics

The NCAA focuses on providing the student-athlete with an environment that emphasizes academics, fairness, and well-being across college sports. The growth and influence of NCAA athletics and the effects of NIL rights of athletes are reshaping the way the NCAA operates. Hear how the NCAA is working to provide student-athletes with the most complete college experience and handling other challenges being faced by the organization.

Jenn Fraser

Managing Director, Divison I, NCAA


Innovations and Opportunities: Grassroots sports perspective

Grassroots sports are changing from pickup play to organized recreational leagues and travel leagues. Much of that change is driven by the engagement of professional leagues and large youth sports organizations. Three of the most successful administrators of youth sports programs will talk about their strategies for development.

Roman Oben

MODERATOR: Vice President, Football Development & Strategy, National Football League


Nina Johnson-Pitt

Senior Strategy Executive, Little League International


Bridget Niland

Director, Cornerstone Sport Initiative, Niagara University

Izell Reese

CEO, RCX Sports


Sports Governing Bodies: Growing Participation

The role of national governing bodies in developing and maintaining their sports at a grassroots level is of great interest. The panelists will highlight the various initiatives and programs being implemented to increase youth participation, such as coaching and officiating development, school-based partnerships, and community outreach efforts. The panelists will also discuss the importance of making sports accessible to all children.

Erin Griffin

MODERATOR: Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Riddell


Jamie Davis

President and Chief Executive Officer, USA Volleyball


Christian Henze

SVP of Strategy and New Business, Premier League Lacrosse


Michael Nussa

Associate Director, High Performance Programs, USA Track & Field


State of the industry: Participation Trends & Business Analysis

The sports industry is coming off a year with unprecedented growth, yet we are still facing challenges, such as inflation. Hear insights, data, and trend analysis from SFIA’s hot-off-the-press State of the Industry report and see how the industry faired in 2022. This in-depth discussion will also cover participation trends for over 124 sports and fitness activities, with a focus on team sports, all to help you make more informed decisions for your business.

Tom Cove

President & CEO, Sports & Fitness Indsustry Association (SFIA)


Marketing and Delivering Team Product in an Evolving market

Sourcing, selling, and delivering team sports equipment has been disrupted by consumer demands, the residual effects of the pandemic, supply chain issues, and online platforms. Come hear a powerhouse conversation with senior executives in the team sports products market on growing in an evolving market.

Laura St. George

MODERATOR: Owner, Hatched

Terry Babilla

President, BSN Sports


Mark Daniels

VP GMM Team Sports & Licensed Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Protecting your intellectual property and brand

Intellectual Property Protection is a critical responsibility of every brand, sports property owner, institution, and standards-setting organizations. This panel will discuss the challenges of protecting intellectual property in the digital age, including combating counterfeit goods and unauthorized use on social media and e-commerce platforms. The panelists will share the need for sports properties and brands to enhance the brand’s fan experience and take proactive steps to protect their intellectual property, as it can have a significant impact on their reputation, revenue, and long-term success.

Mike Dunn

MODERATOR: President, Chief Brand Officer, Octane5


Karen Dertinger

Director, Ohio State Licensing Program, The Ohio State University


Wesley Haynes

CEO, TheBrandR Group


The move to transactional participation

Working with over 100 variables that are directly related to play, being a fan, how we spend our free time, and how the smartphone is changing all of it, Dr. Rich Luker, founder of the ESPN Sports Poll, will lay the groundwork for understanding the state of this transaction. He will highlight the value of tools in the hands of youth to influence the importance of sports participation and fan activity – reigniting face-to-face relationships in the digitally driven age of the smartphone.

Dr. Rich Luker

Founder Emeritus, Luker on Trends and ESPN Sports Poll


Making sense of nil for athletes, schools, and sponsors

This topic is crucial for understanding the rights, challenges, and opportunities for student-athletes, institutions, and brands, especially as the industry navigates the “Wild, Wild West” of NIL. The panel will feature experts currently making deals in this space and will explore the potential consequences for high school and college athletes who need help understanding the implications of endorsement deals and working with brands and licensees.

Michael McCann

MODERATOR: Legal Analyst and Writer, Sportico


Brian Socolow

Co-Chair, Sports Practice Group, Loeb & Loeb LLP


Aaron Solender

Director, College Strategy & Operations, OneTeam Partners


Claire VeNard

Senior Associate Athletics Director, Strategic Initiatives, Notre Dame


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