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Friends of SFIA

SFIA partners with a variety of companies from different industries to help support our members and our mission.

The Friends of SFIA Events Program is an excellent opportunity for leading sports and fitness brands to highlight their commitment to strengthening our industry through the development and delivery of high-quality programming for our guests and networking opportunities at SFIA thought leadership events, including:

  • Team Sports Conference
  • SFIA Start-Up Challenge
  • Super Regionals
  • Public Policy Events

Friends of SFIA participants receive many benefits and opportunities to further their brand and get them in front of the industry’s top decision-makers.

Special Thanks to our Friends of SFIA

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Good Sports Product Donation Program

Does your business occasionally need to get rid of obsolete sports inventory? Donating to the Good Sports Product Donation Program will help thousands of disadvantaged children throughout America, while providing you with inventory relief, tax, and financial benefits.

Good Sports has a strong track record of partnering with sporting goods and fitness manufacturers to ensure that youth are getting the sports equipment they need to participate.

How to Make Donations

If you are interested in making donations, click below to complete a short form that will provide Good Sports with details on the goods that you would like to donate.

If you prefer, contact Good Sports directly at 617-934-0547 or click the link below to email. The experts at Good Sports will provide you with simple steps and instructions to make the donation process as seamless and easy as possible.

Complete Donation Inquiry Form    |    Contact Good Sports

NOCSAE & ASTM Standards

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SFIA Advocates For & Ensures Fair Representation for SFIA Members with Standards Setting Organizations

Protective equipment used in team sports at the youth, interscholastic, collegiate, and professional levels must meet standards set by various organizations. SFIA works with the various standards setting bodies to ensure standards are properly developed, equitable, and consistently applied.

SFIA was instrumental in the creation of NOCSAE in 1969, holding two permanent seats on the NOCSAE Board of Directors. In addition to NOCSAE, SFIA is a voting member of ASTM’s F08 Committee on Standards for Sports Equipment, as well as representing the industry with the NFHS and the NCAA.

Working closely with manufacturers of equipment, SFIA has been able to reduce product development costs by ensuring manufacturer input into the standards process and protecting manufacturers from capricious cost-increasing changes due to standards. Product liability and litigation costs for manufacturers has been greatly reduced by providing standards that are publicized by NOCSAE, ASTM and others, allowing the manufacturers to continue to provide equipment for athletes at reasonable cost.

For additional information on how SFIA can help your company with standards organizations relationships, please contact Gregg Hartley.

SFIA Partners

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