Preferred Partner Program


The SFIA Preferred Partner Program connects you with hundreds of industry leaders across the Sports & Fitness Industry.

The Preferred Partner Program (“PPP”) benefits SFIA members seeking business operation, marketing services, and discounted member-only pricing (meaningful savings) for these services. SFIA preferred partnerships offer service-oriented companies, engaged in a wide range of business disciplines, the opportunity to connect directly with SFIA members. PPP is a non-exclusive business model with companies that SFIA will vet and endorse based on industry reviews, referrals and commitment to promoting SFIA member benefits.

Following discovery, each Preferred Partner Program is uniquely designed to meet the partner’s specific goals, including:

  • Procure executive introductions
  • Promote thought leadership
  • Participate in digital, regional, and national events
  • Augment marketing through SFIA digital
  • Bolster brand awareness
  • Provide for industry support
  • Legal professional networking

SFIA Preferred Partners can highlight their commitment to the sports and fitness industry when they use the SFIA Preferred Partner logo in their promotional materials.

Our Preferred Partners

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