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Calling all members of the sports & fitness industry. We are asking for ten minutes of your time to fill out our annual State of the Industry (SOTI) Survey. This survey provides critical business and market insights, allowing the data collected to serve as the foundation for future 2023 SFIAReports. Deadline to particpate is Wednesday, February 3rd.

 Casino Players Very Like Sports Fans
Casino players and sports fans are very similar in many ways. The first thing that these two types of players have in common is the desire to win and prove their superiority. Both games are incredibly competitive, and players will do anything to beat the casino. The other difference that you might notice between sports and casino players is that casino games are available online.But it’s also a big plus for gambling. After a long, gruelling workout, it’s always nice to switch from physical activity to mental activity.

Some sports players actually prefer playing captain cooks casino games over playing their favorite sports. For example, many NBA players will visit popular casinos and try their luck on different casino games. In addition, many players will find online sites where they can play the games they love. This way, they can enjoy gambling while pursuing their favorite sport.


U.S. Trends in

Team Sports Report

U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report Now Available | Free for Members

The newly released report examines participation and market trends from 2021 in team sports and features in-depth data analysis of age group participation and specific takeaways. This year’s report also breaks down data on team sports coaches and trainings, and features a new section on young adult team sports participation, covering ages 18 to 24. Click here to download the report today!

Casino players love sports and fitness.
Statistically, one in two online casino bettors is also an athlete or a regular fitness enthusiast. There is a backlash as well. Sports enthusiasts sooner or later become interested in betting and try to make money from their knowledge. Then they try slots, roulette and other games. Playing a team sport such as football or volleyball develops the ability to get along with people and work as a team. Fitness improves blood flow to the brain and improves sleep quality.

There are many gyms and fitness centres all over the country. You can choose from any and, thanks to modern technology, you can now play fastest withdrawal online casino Australia 2022 games in between workouts. The rhythm of life has quickened and regular exercise helps to keep your body and mind alert. Try to do it few times at week.


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