TRX® Acquires XD™

Strategic Acquisition of XD Reinforces TRX’s Global Industry Leadership

San Francisco (October 1, 2019) – TRX®, the global leader in functional training equipment and world-class training content, has significantly expanded its product line and product development capabilities with the acquisition of XD™. As the leader in Kevlar-based fitness equipment manufacturing, XD’s team of experienced designers bring a wealth of knowledge to TRX’s industry-leading team of innovative fitness experts. The combined strength of the two companies will allow TRX to expand their reach in the marketplace and ultimately elevate their business to a new level.

As the only company able to tout the worldwide license for Kevlar-based fitness equipment, XD’s line of products bring an unprecedented strength and durability to the market. Prominently used in anti-ballistic materials such as bullet-proof vests, XD’s use of Kevlar is unique within the fitness equipment industry. XD’s Kevlar-based line comes equipped with medicine balls, sandbags, sand discs, and battle ropes, among other products. The combination of TRX and XD’s breadth of products provides the most robust, all-inclusive commercial fitness solution, while offering more variety and options for mainstream consumers.

“XD shares our passion and commitment to developing innovative products of the utmost quality and versatility, so we’re thrilled that they are a part of the TRX family,” said Randy Hetrick, Founder of TRX. “While the ability to expand our product line is significant, the added value of their innovative team and expertise cannot be underestimated.”

XD equipment has become a staple with world-class athletes, celebrities, celebrity fitness trainers and fitness influencers because of the high-end look, feel and durability of its products. With a stable of nearly 300 individual functional training tools and fitness accessories, XD boasts the exclusive global license for DuPont™ Kevlar® bringing the strength and durability of a military-grade material to TRX’s already robust line of functional training tools. 

“When TRX approached us, we were really excited about the opportunity. XD is a company that was created by a group of people who are passionate about functional training and high-quality training gear that lasts,” said Adam Ross, Co-Owner of XD. “We know that TRX values these same principles and it just seemed like a natural fit.”

Branding will transition from XD to TRX over the new few months, and “XD Kevlar” will remain part of the product name for those looking for the most durable medicine balls, sandbags and other Kevlar-based functional training tools in the market. TRX will begin serving commercial customers XD Kevlar products in early 2020, and at-home consumers can immediately access XD Kevlar product at To learn more about TRX and their world-class fitness products, please visit or follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook


As the global leaders in functional training, the company’s mission is to democratize world class training and enable everyone, everywhere to move better throughout life. TRX develops the world’s best training equipment, workout programs, and education courses to help people of all fitness levels become better versions of themselves. The company is also the industry’s leading provider of specialized education courses for fitness professionals.  TRX redefined the application of bodyweight training to enhance human performance and has successfully disrupted the mature landscape of the health club industry. 

TRX began in a garage and recently completed its 14th year in the market. With a full-time staff of 100 team members, the brand is also supported by a cadre of 350 certified, contracted master instructors who deliver more than 1,800 ongoing education courses each year to fitness professionals in dozens of countries. During the past decade, TRX qualified more than 300,000 training professionals—who comprise a formidable army of ambassadors around the globe. The brand enjoys the patronage of the top professional athletes in every sport, and its equipment and training philosophy is changing the way that soldiers train for combat, athletes at all levels train for competition and regular people of all ages and abilities train for life. For more information about TRX, please visit


Founded in 2012, XD™ was built on the philosophy of advancing fitness equipment through innovation. Their mission is to engineer, design, and develop the highest quality fitness products in the world. With over 30 patents and pending patents they have set a foundation of innovation unparalleled in the fitness industry. Their early innovation led to the revolutionary development of a Medicine Ball made of Kevlar®. Since then, XD™ has taken the lead in Kevlar®-based fitness equipment with their exclusive global license for the use of Kevlar® from the E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. With this partnership, XD™ has set out to engineer the only complete line of extremely durable fitness equipment built with DuPont™ Kevlar®.


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