TRX® “Anybody, Anywhere” Campaign

Led by British Model Iskra Lawrence, TRX Intensifies Its Ongoing Mission to Democratize Fitness Regardless of Size, Shape, Ability or Resources

SAN FRANCISCO — Sept. 23rd 2019 — TRX®, the global leader in functional training equipment, world-class training content, and App-based training technology, is putting a stake in the ground, amidst a fitness culture characterized by exclusive social fitness trends and high-priced fitness solutions, with its new “ANYBODY, ANYWHERE” campaign. The campaign embraces the highly underserved community of mainstream consumers with a message of total inclusivity and a powerful reminder that everyone, regardless of their size, shape, age or athletic ability, has the power within them to unlock their own version of “best” with TRX providing the most simplistic and efficient means to do so.

For years, fitness brands and fitness trends have served up a narrow, highly aesthetic and largely unrealistic definition of what it means to be fit. This has been compounded by a modern fitness culture that is characterized by high-end or overly-aggressive and exclusive boutique fitness experiences or expensive home fitness equipment. The result has been a wide swath of mainstream consumers feeling unaddressed and left out in the cold.

In stark contrast to all of this, TRX is setting out to remind the world that real fitness comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and ability levels, and that we are all “perfectly imperfect.” Each of us has the power within us to find and unlock our own unique version of our best. 

TRX’s ground-breaking Suspension Trainer was developed with simplicity and versatility at its core – all that’s required is your body. While the brand and its products have become established globally through the use of elite personal trainers, athletes and fitness die-hards, there remains a great deal of confusion and ambiguity amongst mainstream consumers about Suspension Training, with many people mistakenly believing it’s complicated or only for highly conditioned athletes. The truth is, Suspension Training’s greatest power resides in its simplicity and the ability to meet consumers wherever they physically may be, and deliver solutions that help the widest range of consumers and body types.

“In many ways, the fitness industry has done a disservice by significantly narrowing the playing field for getting fit and healthy, and we’re trying to remind everyone that fitness is personal and means something unique for each of us,” said Randy Hetrick, CEO & Founder of TRX. “Our mission is one of inclusivity – to be the one solution that truly everyone can find their own unique results. For most, it’s not about looking like a fitness model or an athlete, it’s about moving better, feeling better and, ultimately, living better.”

Combining simple, yet effective Functional Training exercises and workouts on the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ with informational and aspirational content, including training videos featuring prominent British “Body Acceptance Activist” Iskra Lawrence, the “ANYBODY, ANYWHERE” campaign strives to inspire and educate consumers on the wide array of benefits exercise provides, while encouraging inclusivity and a sense of community. The campaign challenges superficial stereotypes by encouraging a reality where everybody, regardless of their size or ability, can train effectively and efficiently to unlock the potential of their own unique bodies.

Lawrence, has been a highly outspoken advocate in the fight against body shaming – which she believes is a situation exacerbated by the stereotypical image of “fit” purveyed within the modern fitness culture. To kick off the campaign, Lawrence will join Hetrick in New York City for an “ANYBODY, ANYWHERE” rally cry workout and panel discussion, tackling a number of hot-button issues, including how the exclusive nature of today’s popular fitness trends, and the negative forces body shaming, ultimately contribute to widespread reduced levels of fitness. 

“I’ve been a fan of TRX for several years and use the Suspension Trainer as part of my regular fitness routine, so when they came to me with the ‘ANYBODY, ANYWHERE’ concept, I jumped at the opportunity to help create an inclusive environment and build a stronger sense of community within the world of fitness,” said Lawrence. “I have first-hand experience of how exclusivity can negatively affect consumers and I want to be associated with and at the forefront of the positive change this campaign can bring to general consumers.”

The genius of TRX’s black-and-yellow straps resides in their simplicity and adaptability to varying ability levels. All that’s required is your body. By simply adjusting strap lengths and body angles, the TRX leverages body weight and natural movements to train the entire body, unlocking undiscovered strength in literally anyone. Because of its lightweight and ultra-simplistic design, the TRX straps can be utilized virtually anywhere – at home, on the road, inside or outside.  

For more information on TRX® “ANYBODY, ANYWHERE” and to join the movement, check out TRX’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles. For general information on TRX Training, including TRX PRO4 SYSTEMTRX HOME2 SYSTEMTRX TACTICAL GYMTRX RIP TRAINER, and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING TOOLS, along with their industry-leading education and programming, please visit

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As the global leaders in functional training, TRX offers the world’s most effective training equipment, training, and education to help everyone, of any fitness level, become a better version of themselves. TRX is also the No. 1 choice of specialized education courses for fitness professionals. They have redefined the application of bodyweight training to enhance human performance and have successfully disrupted the mature landscape of the health club industry. Through a commitment to ongoing research and product development, TRX is changing the way consumers exercise, athletes train for sport, soldiers train for combat, physical therapists rehabilitate patients, and exercise instructors train clients. For more information on TRX, call (888) 878-5348 or email [email protected].

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