Webinar – Trendspotting: Exploring US Trademark Filing Trends, Powered by TrademarkNow

Thursday, August 10 – hosted by Corsearch

There are two times for you to choose from:

EMEA: 4pm CEST, Thursday, August 10
Americas: 2pm EDT, Thursday, August 10

Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A

Our upcoming webinar hosted by Steve Stolfi, Corsearch Chairman of Customer & Industry Advisory, views the Corsearch Trademark Industry Report through a US lens, exploring top trademark filer rankings across industries and brands, and highlighting illuminating trends.

The Report’s findings are powered by TrademarkNow – the fastest tool in the market for trademark research, due diligence, and business development. As part of the webinar, participants will be putting TrademarkNow to the test, by emailing their queries to [email protected] ahead of a live demonstration on the day. We invite you to do the same: register your attendance by filling out the form below, and either email us your question or simply post it live in the webinar chat on Aug 10. As a bonus, all non-subscribers will receive a one-month free ExaMatch trial just for attending.

Join our webinar to discover:
  •   U.S. Top Filer Trends by Product Class / by Industry / by state / by company / by law firm
  •   Top brand names trademarked
  •   Top goods and services registered across industry sectors
  •   Emerging industries and new product trends
  •   TrademarkNow in action: live demo of customer queries

Click here to register for the webinar.

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