SportsEngine, Inc. Announces its Community Impact Initiative

SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, and the leading provider of sport relationship management software, today announced the formation of its Better Together initiative, a plan that includes tangible actions to be taken by the company to help be part of building a better, more just society. SportsEngine’s Better Together Initiative was born from the belief that children should have access to youth sports programs in their communities regardless of where they live, and that every athlete deserves to be surrounded by trained coaches and volunteers who provide positive and safe experiences. SportsEngine currently works toward these goals through its software solutions, its youth sports directory,, and through its Safety division which includes background check provider, National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) a wholly-owned subsidiary of SportsEngine. 

But, believing that more can be done, SportsEngine developed the Better Together Initiative to expand its commitment to better serve the communities where its employees live and work.

As part of the initiative, SportsEngine is forming partnerships with Twin Cities-based organizations, ACES and DinoMights, who share similar missions to positively impact the lives of young people in underserved communities through volunteerism, mentoring, sports and technology.

SportsEngine will also provide grants to local and national youth sports organizations who are committed to helping underserved communities and communities of color to receive no-cost access to its software platforms, or reduced background screening costs. Interested organizations are encouraged to apply for a software grant through SportsEngine’s website.

Additionally, SportsEngine is increasing its commitment and investment in national organizations including National Fitness Foundation, Positive Coaching Alliance and the National Council of Youth Sports. These organizations ensure equal access to youth sports in underserved populations through training, equipment, scholarships, and advocacy.

“We are excited to be one of the selected partners to work with SportsEngine in assisting our community to realize the positive power of youth sports,” said Wayne B. Moss, Executive Director, National Council of Youth Sports. “We are thrilled and honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with the National Fitness Foundation and Positive Coaching Alliance as part of SportsEngine’s Better Together Initiative.”

“We’re proud to partner with SportsEngine and support its ground-breaking Better Together Initiative,” stated Clay Walker, Executive Director of the National Fitness Foundation. “From the day it was founded, no organization has committed more time, energy or resources to ensuring that children have access to youth sport programs than SportsEngine.”

“We believe that the youth sports experience is an amazing opportunity to teach social and emotional skills that will stay with kids long after their youth sports experience,” stated Jason Sacks, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Philanthropy, Positive Coaching Alliance. “We are thrilled to partner with SportsEngine and work together to reach more coaches, athletes, league administrators, and parents with the powerful message that sports, if done right, can provide an unmatched opportunity  for a positive, youth development and character-building experience.”

“Since the beginning, SportsEngine has been focused on three main priorities: getting more kids involved in sports, helping to provide safe experiences and making the lives of parents, coaches and volunteers easier through our solutions,”  stated Brett MacKinnon, General Manager, SportsEngine. “Youth sports is in our DNA. We believe in the power of sports and its ability to open doors and positively impact the lives of children and their families. And while there is much work to be done in ensuring that the benefits of sports are accessible for everyone, with the support of our national partners, NCYS, NFF and PCA, we are hopeful about the progress that has been made and the positive impact yet to come.”

About SportsEngine, Inc.

Helping the world play smarter and live more, SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, is the leading provider of sport relationship management software serving millions of coaches, parents, athletes, clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and associations. SportsEngine helps sports organizations around the globe reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks, and enables them to focus more on developing their athletes, providing safe experiences, and furthering the love of sport. Leagues and governing bodies across the country use National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI), a SportsEngine, Inc. subsidiary, to manage their background checks and safety programs. Learn more at:; or

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