Spenco Launches Golf Stability™ Insoles

Durham, N.C. – (February 19, 2024)Spenco, a leader in premium innovative footcare products, recently launched a new product, the Golf Stability™ Insole. Golf Stability™ Insoles are the brand’s first golf-specific insole designed to stabilize feet during the golf swing, creating more consistent and accurate shots.

The Golf Stability™ Insoles feature a Cobra heel that maintains proper weight distribution and positioning for feet during the backswing. They also feature Lateral Friction pads to keep feet stable during the downswing, improving ball striking accuracy. For best-in-class comfort, the Golf Stability Insoles provide heel and forefoot cushioning for walking all day on the golf course.

“We are excited to introduce Golf Stability™ Insoles to the market,” said Michael Polk, Chief Executive Officer of Implus. “These insoles offer a unique solution for golfers who want to enhance their performance and enjoy their game more.”

Golf Stability™ Insoles are suitable for anyone who enjoys playing golf and wants to improve their game, from beginners to avid golfers. They are trim-to-fit for a custom fit in golf shoes and are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Golf Stability™ Insoles retail for $39.99 and can be purchased online at www.spenco.com and Amazon.

About Spenco: Founded by Dr. Wayman Spence, a physician obsessed with the relationship between biomechanics and physical health, every Spenco product is the result of a comprehensive research and development process rooted in science and continuously refined by health professionals, athletes, and engineering experts. With Spenco’s current line of premium, clinically tested insoles, we strive to improve your physical activity and enhance everyday comfort, starting from the feet up. Learn more at www.spenco.com.

About Implus: Implus is home to 18 brands in the footwear accessories, hosiery, specialty running, outdoor, fitness and movement categories. As an industry leader in active accessories, Implus is committed to enabling people to live active, healthy, and fulfilled lives, providing innovative products to more than 80,000 retail outlets worldwide. Distributing across more than 70 countries, Implus is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with five international offices. Key brands within Implus’ portfolio include Balega®, SKLZ®, Yaktrax®, TriggerPoint™, Sof Sole®, RockTape® and Spenco®. To learn more, please visit www.Implus.com.

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