SFIA NEWS: Senior Softball Field Test Standard

(May 13, 2024) The SFIA Senior Bat Committee, NTS (the official certification lab of SSUSA) and Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) have been working together on a joint project to establish an on-field testing limit similar to testing USSSA and SFIA established several years ago. The result for Senior Softball is a 140-pound initial compression minimum for on-field testing.

“This standard will help us keep the senior softball playing field fair for our players and teams,” said Terry Hennessy, SSUSA’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are especially grateful to Tim Lord, Co-Chair of the Baseball/Softball (BB/SB) Council, for gathering the senior bat manufacturers for essential input that helps us ensure a solid standard.”

“Appreciate Terry and SSUSA working with the SFIA Baseball/Softball Council to establish this new 140lb on-field testing for senior softball player and the 1.21 BPF standard,” states Tim Lord, Co-Chair of the Baseball/Softball Council. “This 140lb limit can be used by SSUSA in senior softball similar to the current 240lb on-field standard that USSSA also worked with the SFIA BB/SB Council several years ago to establish in slowpitch softball for their 1.20 BPF standard.”

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