Saturdays Count Announces Co-Branding Agreements

SFIA member, Saturdays Count LLC, is thrilled to announce co-branding partnerships at the Universities of Alabama, Auburn, Oregon, and Tennessee. T-shirts bearing our trademarked logo, Only So Many Saturdays…Make ‘Em Count®, and the respective team logos will begin filling shelves and websites in August at Bama Fever in Tuscaloosa, Tiger Pride at Auburn, Eugene at The Duck Store, and in Knoxville at The VOL Shop and Alumni Hall. We are currently working with several universities around the country and predict exponential growth in 2024. Having our co-branded shirts available in numerous college bookstores and off-campus retailers has Saturdays Count one step closer to fulfilling the dream.

Saturdays Count LLC, a small company with a giant plan, started out with nothing but an idea and a dream. Our goal was to be in the lexicon of every college football coach, player, fan, announcer, and podcaster in America. With a strong grassroots marketing plan and a passion to create national recognition, in just one year, Saturdays Count has printed shirts in the colors of 96 schools and shipped to 43 states. After our fair share of mistakes, we looked at our marketing plan and decided to move in a different direction, creating a co-branded licensing program with college bookstores and printers. The results have been extremely positive. With this new strategy in mind, we are certain to accomplish our company goal.

The Greatest Tagline in the History of College Football

You can find out more at, via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @SatudaysCount, or on LinkedIn at Saturdays Count LLC.

To learn more, contact Founder Mike Sunderman at [email protected] or 712–490–6661 or Co-Owner Tyler Fisher at [email protected] or 775–313–2262. Only So Many Saturdays…Make ’Em Count is a registered Trademark of Saturdays Count LLC.

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