Long Beach & Los Angeles Ports to Collect New Clean Truck Fee starting April 1, 2022

On March 17, 2022, the San Pedro Bay Ports announced a new fee to help attain their goal of zero-emissions ports by 2035.  Starting April 1, 2022, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will collect a $10 fee on 20-foot containers entering or leaving the container terminals. The ports are expected to generate $10 million per month from the fee for the “Clean Truck Fund” (CTF).  The announcement did not indicate what the CTF money would be used for but they expect the CTF to incentive the changeover to cleaner trucks and expedite the introduction of zero-emission technology in trucking fleets.

Zero-emission trucks entering or leaving the port will be exempt from the CTF.  Zero and low-emission trucks must be registered with the port and undergo a one-time inspection to receive an exemption from the CTF.  The ports will use PortCheck to collect fees.  Trucks must be registered with PortCheck to pay the fee prior to picking up or dropping off containers starting April 1.

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For more information please contact Bill Sells, SVP of Government & Public Affairs, at [email protected].

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