Introducing Xenith Shadow XR

The Most Intelligent Helmet In the Game – Designed for NFL, Collegiate, and Varsity Athletes

January 21, 2020 (DETROIT) — Today, Xenith introduced the new Xenith Shadow XR helmet designed with NFL, collegiate, and high school varsity football athletes in mind. Redefining energy control, Xenith Shadow XR is the most intelligent, balanced, and comfortable football helmet in the game. Utilizing all new shocks featuring RHEON™ energy control cells, Xenith Shadow XR takes Xenith’s core technology and elevates its capabilities to the next level. Learn more about Xenith Shadow XR, designed for the brightest lights and the biggest plays, HERE.

“The innovation in Xenith Shadow XR is our single greatest leap forward since the development of our adaptive fit technology,” said Grant C. Goulet, PhD, Xenith Vice President of Product Innovation. “Through the collaboration with RHEON Labs and implementation of their patented material science, we were able to design and engineer an entirely new helmet solution. The Xenith Shadow XR system optimally controls energy from the handful of severe impacts an athlete might experience in a career, to the hundreds, potentially thousands, of lower-level hits they’ll experience in a season. We worked hard to get this superior energy control in a low-profile and balanced helmet, allowing athletes to perform at their best on the field.”

Xenith Shadow XR’s low profile and balanced feel give athletes maximum on-field performance allowing for controlled movement and greater agility. The thoughtful distribution of RHEON™ shocks, together with integrated RHEON™ jaw shocks allow for a uniform, even fit and optimal comfort. Xenith Shadow XR’s proprietary polymer shell, which is 10% lighter than traditional shell materials, also allows for large vents at the front and rear of the shell. This, along with the open architecture of the Xenith matrix, allows cool air to flow over the head and hot air to escape.

First looks at Xenith Shadow XR will be on the field for Spring Ball with full availability to purchase in late Spring 2020.

Xenith collaborated with RHEON™ to create a unique energy control cell that cushions low-speed impacts, but intelligently strengthens for high-speed impacts. These RHEON™ cells were designed to compress and shear to optimally control energy from a range of impact types; these cells compress to absorb linear impact and shear to control rotational impact energy, reducing the resulting acceleration of the head.

RHEON LABS utilizes 3D-printing to engineer special molds for these complex geometries. Xenith is the first company in the industry to successfully utilize additive manufacturing to implement new innovation in helmet performance at-scale.

RHEON™ provides energy control across a wide spectrum of impact intensities, and a wide range of temperatures. It is waterproof and washable, and can be molded into unique geometries that advance performance and promote cooling, as seen in Xenith Shadow XR. The RHEON™ material is lightweight, durable, and self-healing. These features lend themselves to a variety of different performance products in the Xenith arsenal.

“Xenith only makes 5-star rated and ‘Top Performing’ helmets based on lab tests, and we take great pride in the world-class effort we also place in elevating the athlete on the field,” said Ryan Sullivan, Xenith CEO. “Demonstrating our rigor in athlete-first design and material science, our helmets provide optimal comfort and support an athlete’s agility and movement, rather than hinder it. Athletes tell us this is what separates a Xenith helmet from the rest, and Xenith Shadow XR does this more intelligently than any other helmet in the game.”

All Xenith helmets – X2E+, Xenith Shadow, and Xenith Shadow XR – youth and varsity, are Five-Star rated under the widely accepted Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System and score in the “Top-Performing Group” of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. All Xenith helmets utilize Xenith’s core Adaptive Fit technology allowing for a custom fit for every athlete, every time they put on the helmet.

Xenith Shadow XR is available for $679 (with titanium facemask); team pricing is available. For more details please

About Xenith
Xenith creates top-rated football helmets, non-tackle headgear, equipment, and apparel designed to elevate the athlete’s pursuit. Their athlete-first design approach is backed by rigorous science, engineering, and innovation which transcends laboratory testing to address on-field needs. Xenith outfits the athlete from head to ankle in a suite of performance products for playing, training, and living.

All Xenith helmets are Five-Star rated on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System, and score in the “Top-Performing Group” of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. Xenith is committed to democratizing protection by making top-rated helmets, shoulder pads, and gear available at an equitable price point for anyone who wants to play football – from youth, to varsity, to the pros. Xenith’s training and compression apparel give athletes the extra edge they demand to take their game to the next level.

Xenith sees football as a force for good in the community, and executes this vision with passion, purpose, and pride. For more information, please visit


RHEON LABS know how to control energy. They believe performance in almost every sport could be improved if energy were being controlled more effectively. RHEON is driven to create solutions which inspire confidence, empower performance and allow athletes to explore new boundaries.

At the core of the RHEON™ technology platform is an active polymer that intelligently changes its behavior in response to movement. It can control energy of any amplitude or frequency – from small vibrations to life-threatening single impacts.

RHEON partners with best-in-class sports brands to create bespoke solutions that improve product performance. The RHEON™ technology platform offers these partners an optimized combination of active polymers, unique generative design capabilities and state-of-the-art testing facilities. This results in highly integrated solutions that are able to enhance a diverse range of products.

For over 15 years Dr Daniel Plant, CTO, and his team of researchers, engineers and designers have developed this platform using a unique combination of material science, geometry, design and production techniques.

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