Headfirst Honor Roll and Top 96 Partner with Blast Motion 

Beginning in 2020, Headfirst Showcases (Honor Roll & Top96 Camps) is partnering with Blast Motion to deliver in-depth swing data and analytics directly to high school student-athletes and the coaches at the nation’s top universities who are recruiting them. This partnership gives unparalleled recruiting insights to college coaches, and also invaluable swing feedback to student-athletes, with the ultimate dual aim of delivering everything that college coaches need to recruit, as well as a path of guided, focused development for high school student-athletes.

Blast Motion offers industry-leading swing analysis technology, as well as an integrated platform including software analytics, coaching, reporting, and training feedback tools to help athletes improve their game, and to help coaches gain better insights into prospective student-athletes. The partnership between Blast and Headfirst will allow for the collection of Blast swing analysis data at all Honor Roll Camps and Top96 Camps in 2020 during live game play as well as the Offensive Showcase portions of camp, to then be disseminated to both student-athletes and the college coaches in attendance.

“I’m really excited for what this partnership will mean for both our families and our partner college coaches,” says Brendan Sullivan, Founder & President of The Headfirst Companies. “As the game of baseball and softball moves towards being more and more data-driven, we believe that delivering this level of in-depth data and analytics will be crucial in equipping college coaches and recruiters with the information they need to make informed decisions on projecting and recruiting high school players. With Blast’s best-in-class technology capturing in-game data, I think it will give players actionable feedback to improve their game, while also giving college coaches a level of insight into a prospect’s ‘projectability’, that can really help advance the recruiting process.”

“With the added emphasis now being placed on biomechanical data, knowledge and self-awareness are powerful tools not only in maximizing player development but also in shaping the recruiting process,” says Yale Recruiting Coordinator Josh Schulman. “Incorporating the same technology that is currently used at all levels of college and professional baseball is a distinct advantage in closing the information gap during the recruiting process and providing another layer of metric-driven evaluation for coaches beyond simply the ‘eye test’.”

“Our goal is to make coaches and athletes better through Blast swing insights and performance reports, especially at the recruiting level,” states Mike Woods, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Blast Motion. “Headfirst is the industry leader in high-academic collegiate camps. Our partnership provides coaches, parents, and athletes access to objective performance data that will help transform recruitment decisions and player development.” 

About Headfirst Honor Roll & Top96 Camps
Based in Washington, D.C., Headfirst is the nation’s leading provider of high-academic showcase camps, with over 1300 Honor Roll alumni playing at more than 100 partner college programs. Now in our 22nd year of high-academic showcases, Headfirst’s Honor Roll Camps provide student-athletes with direct access to high-academic baseball and softball programs from across the country. With 23 events in 6 states and the District of Columbia, Headfirst hosts over 3,000 student-athletes and over 200 college coaches annually. For more information about Headfirst Honor Roll, please visit: headfirsthonorroll.com

Top96 Camps offer best-in-class regional showcases for student-athletes to get guaranteed, data-driven exposure to top in-region college programs in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. To learn more about Top96 Camps, please visit: top96.com/baseball

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, CA, Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By combining the bio-mechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology and cloud-based software services, Blast has redefined the way people train, analyze and improve their game. For additional information on Blast Motion, please visit: blastmotion.com

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