Gait Lax is Back!

Altamont, N.Y. (November 19, 2019) – Today lacrosse legend and founder of PG Lax Properties, LLC Paul Gait announces, “Gait Lax is back”!  Partnering with Curt Styres, another prominent supporter of the game, they recently relaunched the Gait brand in September of 2019. Today they announce that they are being joined by lacrosse legend Gary Gait as partner in the business.

The addition of identical twin brother Gary, and arguably the greatest player of all time, this dynamic duo has reunited to bring the lacrosse industry game-changing product through their unparalleled experience on and off the field. 

“Curt and I are very excited to be joined by Gary to re-launch the Gait Brand. I’ve waited 26 years to team up with Gary “The GOAT”. As players, we believed thinking outside the box would allow us to expand our abilities and do the unexpected. Although we have won many championship’s, on separate teams, we have enjoyed greater success and incredible creativity when working together on the field. I expect our collaboration in product design will yield the same results. We both share the common goal of providing lacrosse players with authentic performance driven product that allows them to expand their game.”

“After 30 years of working in the lacrosse equipment industry I am thrilled to finally join my brother Paul and Curt Styres in relaunching the Gait Lacrosse brand. I have watched Paul make a significant impact in the lacrosse equipment industry and think that our combined effort can take equipment design to another level. We believe, together, we can create innovative performance driven product that can change the game.”

Look for some legacy products along with some new revolutionary technology to hit the market starting as early as October 2019.  These products can be seen on field through established partnerships with the National Lacrosse League, Women’s Professional Lacrosse League and NCAA programs.


PG Lax Properties, LLC is US based company created, by Paul Gait and Curt Styres to produce the “Gait” brand of lacrosse products. The brand originally developed by Paul Gait, for Rawlings Sporting Goods, was contractually re-acquired by Gait in 2018. In September of 2019, Paul’s twin brother Gary, arguably the greatest player of all time, joined the company to create one of the industry’s most dynamic duos in design and innovation. The Company is committed to use its legendary design experience and proven creativity to produce products with game changing innovation. Established partnerships with the NLL, WPLL, professional athletes and NCAA programs have allowed the Gait brothers to prove their performance design and technology is unmatched within the industry.

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