Empirkia Media Becomes SFIA’s Exclusive Digital Media Partner

SILVER SPRING, MD (June 24, 2019) – The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Empirika Media Group Inc. to enhance digital efforts and overall strategy for the industry. The digital agency has worked with major corporations to create legendary experiences and further brand identification.

Empirika’s experience ranges from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The agency’s ability to elicit the desired purpose, look and feel of the client and bring brands to life across digital platforms has enabled them to also span across various industries, including automotive, retail, electronics, media, finance and travel. Approaching each new project with a thoughtful design-led and insight-driven perspective, Empirika has helped the SFIA to re-brand the Start-Up Challenge, among various other sports and fitness ventures aiming to promote innovation, industry vitality and competition.

“We couldn’t be more excited to team up with Empirika to offer best-in-class digital services to our industry members,” stated SFIA Vice President of Business Development, John Peters. “We’re confident our brands will only benefit from working with someone like Empirika, who has worked with many clients in our space like Nike, REI, Vans and many more. Having previously run global design and digital innovation teams at Adobe, Joel and his team are well-equipped to provide value to our industry.”

“Empirika is thrilled to be partnering with the SFIA. Through the partnership, we aim to elevate SFIA’s presence across digital vectors and provide members with access to the full spectrum of our digital strategy, branding, and product design services,” stated CEO and Founder of Empirika Media Group Inc., Joel den Engelsen. “Our team partners with brands of all sizes to differentiate, innovate and discover their unique lightning in a bottle. We can’t wait to do the same for the SFIA and its members.”

This year, Empirika will be sponsoring the SFIA Start-Up Challenge at the annual Industry Leaders Summit in Baltimore on September 25-26. Empirika will grant the Start-Up Challenge winner with the grand prize of $25,000 worth of Empirika digital services. The winner will have the option to choose from one of four categories, including an “Identity Package,” a “Launch Package,” a “Social Media Package” and a “Digital Futures Package,” depending on the current stage of their business and where they would reap the greatest benefit.

The SFIA Corporate Partner Program creates a bridge between industry professionals and the companies most closely connected and committed to serving the sports and fitness industry. The monetary commitments made by these select Corporate Program Partners support the broad range of member services and professional development programs created, funded and offered by SFIA to its members. 

ABOUT SFIA: The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), the #1 source for sport and fitness research, is the leading global trade association of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sports products and fitness industry. SFIA seeks to promote sports and fitness participation, as well as industry vitality through research, thought leadership, public affairs, industry affairs and member services. For more information, please visit www.sfia.org.


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