Baltimore’s Key Bridge Clean-Up Initiated; Limited Passage for Smaller Vessels but Port Remains Closed to Cargo Ships

Washington, D.C. (April 3, 2024): As shipping companies and manufacturers scramble to mitigate the supply chain issues resulting from the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, blocking the entrance to the Baltimore Harbour, the CBP, and the United Command overseeing the response have provided information to help manufacturers, importers/exporters, and shippers.

The CBP issued an update on the Baltimore Port Closure due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge offering guidance on alternative Port options, cargo stranded in Baltimore Port, and unloading export cargo from ships in Baltimore Port. A “United Command” website has been created to provide the latest information on the response and the impact on the Port to aid interested parties in navigating the challenges presented by the bridge collapse.

President Biden has committed Federal Government resources and funding for the removal of the debris and reconstruction of the Key Bridge. Congress needs to waive the requirement that the State cover a portion of the expense and approve the Federal Government paying 100 percent of the costs. Some in Congress have raised concerns about the Federal Government covering the entire project, but there is enough support to re-open this major East Coast Port quickly to pass legislation funding the clean-up/reconstruction of the bridge.

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