Aural Analytics, Inc. and HitCheck, Inc. Partner

Aural Analytics, Inc. and HitCheck, Inc. Partner on Integration of Speech Analytics into HitCheck’s Widely Used Concussion Assessment Applications

The partnership will enable real-time speech-based measures of cognitive and motor function known to track with concussion and traumatic brain injury

HitCheck’s concussion assessment application is used by hundreds of thousands of youth and high-school sports athletes, the US Military and others

SAN FRANCISCO and SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – April 29, 2021 – Aural Analytics, Inc., and HitCheck Inc. announced today they have entered into a strategic partnership to embed Aural Analytics’ speech biomarkers platform into HitCheck’s cognitive assessment application. The partnership will enable speech collection and analysis inside HitCheck’s interactive, game-like assessment, which tracks individuals’ unique performance over time and screens for sudden changes after a potential brain injury has occurred. The addition of Aural Analytics’ speech biomarkers, built from decades of research illustrating speech and language changes may occur from concussion or brain injury, enriches the outcomes assessments that coaches, athletes, soldiers and caretakers rely on to assess performance and return to play.

The relationship between brain injury and changes in speech and language has been well published. Human speech relies on the coordination of complex neural activity and activation of respiratory, phonatory, and articulatory muscles. A concussion or brain injury can cause damage to the underlying system, which becomes apparent in the produced speech. The addition of clinically-validated speech and language biomarkers into the robust HitCheck suite of assessments brings a more complete picture of cognitive and speech-motor function to HitCheck’s users.

“We are excited to continue our work to better prepare and protect athletes and those who serve our country by creating meaningful partnerships with leading companies,” said Mike Piha, CEO at HitCheck Inc. “We strive every day to bring better and clearer assessments of cognition to our users. Our partnership with Aural Analytics allows athletes, soldiers, and active individuals to have metrics at their fingertips when it comes to brain health.”

“Concussion and brain injury have been linked to longer-term cognitive diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and CTE. There is strong evidence that recurring or repeat brain injuries increase the risk of these diseases significantly.” Said Daniel J. Jones, CEO and co-founder of Aural Analytics. “Our speech-based measures of cognition and motor function provide rich information about the health of the athlete or soldier and their ability to return to the field safely. Our partnership with HitCheck is an important step toward introducing better assessment and tracking of cognition and motor function for athletes and soldiers. We are thrilled to work alongside HitCheck on this journey.”

Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck takes standardized cognitive testing methods and translates them into short, simple mobile assessment exercises users can take immediately whenever and wherever an injury is suspected. It is available for download in the Apple App store as well as Google Play for free.

About Aural Analytics, Inc.

Aural Analytics is the industry’s leading speech neuroscience company harnessing the clinical utility of the world’s speech across the age range and around the world. Their suite of applications and embeddable SDKs and APIs are available in up to 30 languages across Android, iOS, and the web are easy to use, secure, and provide robust, clinically relevant, interpretable, and validated metrics reflecting the neurological and respiratory health of its users. For more information, please visit or follow Aural Analytics on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Facebook.


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About HitCheck

HitCheck is a leading cognitive technology company that has a mobile app which allows for clinicians and trainers to baseline and screen for brain health. Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck takes standardized cognitive testing methods and translates them into short, simple mobile assessment exercises users can take immediately whenever and wherever an injury is suspected. Each test measures a specific aspect of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, reaction time, etc. Once the test is complete, HitCheck captures, records and compares these objective, quantitative results with prior performance and highlights changes in brain functions that may require additional medical attention. HitCheck is partnered with top organizations like Texas Youth Football, CrashCourse by TeachAids, University of Portland, Play USA Rugby, American Youth Football, Youth Sports Nevada, and NorCal Youth Football & Cheer. The company also has top medical and athletic advisors like Davante Adams, Rick Mirer, Mike Mauti, and Ajay Nwosu. For more information on HitCheck and to download the app please visit:



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