Augusta Sportswear Brands Announces Launches Freestyle Sublimation

AUGUSTA, GA —AUGUSTA SPORTSWEAR BRANDS, a leader in sports apparel, uniforms and accessories, today announced the launch of their new sublimation design platform, FreeStyle Sublimation.

Creating sublimated apparel and uniforms in a typical sublimation builder can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. That’s because most sublimation builders are behind the times, requiring a seemingly endless series of clicks, with a confusing design flow, and lack in visual quality of the finished product. Customers also are frustrated with the lack of a mobile-friendly design process that is seamless enough that they can design and complete orders on the go.  

FreeStyle Sublimation differentiates itself from other sublimation options in the industry through its sophisticated, yet simple interface. Users are able to design custom apparel via desktop or mobile devices at game-changing speed across all four brands (Augusta Sportswear, Holloway, High Five, with Russell Athletic available in January).

The FreeStyle Sublimationmobile interface gives users a bold 3D – 360 degree garment view with over 1,000 design options. A user can create a custom design within seconds. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile device, the sublimation design process requires just a handful of simple steps from start to finish. Users can go back and forth and make changes, saving and sharing at any time. They can also review their designs, add rosters and place orders, all from their fingertips on a tablet or smart phone. 

“We left no stone unturned in creatively actualizing a fast, easy-to-use breakthrough design tool that makes creating sublimated garments an enjoyable process”, says Brad Sullivan, VP of Custom Solutions at Augusta Sportswear Brands. “FreeStyle Sublimation is like nothing else in the market. We believe it’s a game changer for us and our customers as we continue to invest in technology that makes it easier for our customers to get what they need from us quickly”, he adds.

Whether you’re planning on introducing custom sublimated apparel to your product offerings in the near future, or you’ve been selling sublimated garments for years, Augusta Sportswear Brands aspires to make this part of your business as simple, fast (and perhaps even fun) as possible. 



Augusta Sportswear Brands is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative high-performance activewear and spiritwear for teams, coaches, athletes, and fans. Together the five brands—Augusta Sportswear, Holloway, Russell Athletic, High Five and Pacific Headwear – combine to form the largest supplier of youth to adult team uniforms in the industry.

Augusta Sportswear Brands is driven by the mission to inspire physically fit lifestyles, healthy families, and connected communities.  For more information on Augusta Sportswear Brands, please visit

For inquiries please contact: Augusta Sportswear Brands

David Goerke VP Marketing: 404-787-9440
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Source: Augusta Sportswear Brands

Released Nov. 24, 2019

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